​Zoller produces the world’s most precise tool presetting, measurement and management systems.

By integrating Zoller tool presetters with EDGECAM products, you can be sure of manufacturing the highest quality parts with the lowest levels of scrap.
Today, almost everything can be preset: milling cutters, drills, taps – even shrink-fit tooling. Using the latest presetters, tools can be quickly set-up and inspected for tool run-out, concentricity, height, wear and geometry, before being preset to nominal length and diameter position.
However, why preset off-machine? The answer lies in time-saving – thus maximizing machine tool operation time. By saving a matter of minutes on every tool change, incredible production time can be realised.
Zoller systems are designed with an uncompromising approach to quality. They are built to the exacting standards that our customers demand. Only renowned, name-brand components noted for their precision, reliability and durability are specified.
For over 65 years the name Zoller has symbolised innovative technology, high quality products and reliable customer service. More than 25,000 presetting and measuring machines installed worldwide tell their own story.
Zoller’s partnership with EDGECAM ensures quality and precision.




EDGECAM & Zoller

Camtech – German EDGECAM Reseller provides an intelligent CAD CAM process cycle in conjunction with Zoller - Tool data directly from the measuring machine

EMO 2013

EMO 2013, EDGECAM highlights its interface with Zoller, optimising and organising complex manufacturing processes through a transparent data transfer between tool management and CAM system..


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