EDGECAM is a market leading CAM system for a number of industry sectors.

EDGECAM utilises your in house knowledge and experience to drive the CAM process with automation tools to suit different applications - allowing you to maintain your competitive edge.

EDGECAM offers the following applications:

EDGECAM Aerospace Image


Whether manufacturing parts for defense, civil aviation or space applications, the aerospace industry demands high-quality components manufactured to exacting standards. Components are often machined from tough materials such as titanium using complex operations, making errors extremely costly.

EDGECAM Automotive Image

Automotive & Transport

The size and complexity of the automotive industry presents a number of challenges to manufacturers. The constant need to reduce costs, increase product quality challenges automotive manufacturers to continually increase efficiency and productivity.

EDGECAM Education Image


At EDGECAM, we are focused on meeting the needs of the educational market through product functionality, ease-of-use, flexible software licensing, competitive pricing and the support and enthusiasm of our staff for the important task of educating young engineers.


EDGECAM Mould & Die Image

Mould & Die

Whether producing moulds, dies, prototypes or patterns, EDGECAM enables cost-conscious manufacturers to use the power and performance normally only found in high-priced CAM systems.  Mould and die manufacturing requires precise cutting, full machine simulation abilities and exacting finishing abilities for complex parts.


Oil & Gas

Manufacturers supplying the oil and gas industry face unique challenges in today’s oil-hungry world. Coupled with the increase in demand for parts and equipment, the ever-increasing lead time (and cost) for specialized materials. EDGECAM can help your company meet these challenges whilst still meeting delivery dates and without sacrificing quality.

EDGECAM Subcontractor

Sub Contractor

Today, contract manufacturers face the challenge of a rapidly changing marketplace. Business is not disappearing, but changing and coming from entirely new customers. Instead of long runs of simple parts, shops today are confronted with complex parts in shrinking quantities and tighter delivery schedules.


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